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Our API will save time, money and resources. After a seamless one-time integration there will be no maintenance effort.

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One Promotion Engine with several Promotion SDKs available in JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Perl, and Salesforce.

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Stay focused on the core product without the constant distraction of ad-hoc marketing requests or software maintenance.

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Enable powerful campaign logic instantly with Talon.One. Follow our interactive Quick Start Guide with example requests in our Developers Center to test the API. No need to install or download external tools.

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 curl -X PUT \
    -H 'Content-Signature: signer=10; signature=86e11e461365eebb0d9ecbaf8bae7a04' \
    -d '{
      „profileId“: „1b7efcb4“,
      „cartItems“: [
          „name“: „Cashmere sweater made with premium NZ wool“,
          „sku“: „k-1536“,
          „category“: „Mens Sweaters“,
          „price“: 147.99,
          „quantity“: 3,
          „attributes“: {
            „Color“: „Buttercream“,
            „Size“: „Large“
      „total“: 443.97

Promotion SDKs and Plugins

Talon.One is the first holistic promotional infrastructure available in any language.


Talon.One supports plugin functionality for shop systems like Magento or SpreeCommerce. Plugins serve as the layer between your system and the Talon.One API.

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The Talon.One Promotion SDKs are available in the language of your choice. Start right away by integrating a few events and attribute and expand over time to enable more powerful rules.

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